Past Winners

From North Carolina to California in styles ranging from R&B to Country, our famous jingle has traveled far and wide while seeing its fair share of creative interpretation. Enjoy a look back at past participants of the Folgers® Jingle Contest.

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2013 Folgers® Jingle winner and finalists

In 2013, the grand prize winner of the Folgers Jingle Contest was Sawyer from North Carolina. Check out his jingle to hear what gets him out of bed every morning.

Kari F.

Willy R.

Jon-Michael S.

Djamila O.

Stephanie P.

Enoch K.

Chris C.

Ben S.

Andrew David P.

2011 Folgers® Jingle winner and finalists

Courtney became our grand prize winner in 2011, a year that had more than 3,000 submissions. Listen to her jingle and see why she stood out from the pack.

Adam R.

Aryn C.

Jered L.

Charles M.

Ryan M.

Dorrell M.

John P.

Ryan A.

Amanda M.

2010 Folgers® Jingle winner and finalists

Our very first jingle contest in 2010 celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Folgers Jingle. See how the Ethan Thompson Band starts their morning.

Amanda L.

Brent M.

Chase H.

Helena M.

Kurtis P.

Larry S.

Rahegene C.

Troy K.

Zachary B.